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B&H Buses and MetroBus


The job that Technical Solutions do is something we could never do ourselves, they take our awards to a whole other level.

I would highly recommend Technical Solutions to someone else. I feel so safe and comfortable knowing that there's a safe pair of hands working on all of the audio, visual and tech side of things.

Laura Parkes & Vicky Doyle

Comms and Marketing Managers, B&H Buses and Metrobus

Platinum Media Group


The most important thing there is you have a crew that you can trust, who turn up with the right kit, the right date, the right time and do a fantastic job and that's always Technical Solutions.

I would always recommend Tech Solutions, the only thing I can say is they are the only company we will ever use, end of story!


Maarten Hoffman

CEO, Platinum Media Group

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park


Technical Solutions have achieved an all-round complete solution for audio visual and sound in our specialist attractions. They've given us amazing support and advice and always been there for us when we've needed support.

They offer a very personal service, great advice and always a good partner to work with.

Phillip Hughes

Executive Producer, PWR Bars


B&H Buses and Metrobus

Platinum Media Group

Winter Wonderland

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