Pipe and Drape System

All prices per day
Pipe and Drape is the flexible draping system you can install anywhere. It is quick and simple to set up and you won’t need any tools nor specialist equipment. The system uses telescopic poles called Uprights and Crossbars, which make up the frame system. By choosing from our range sizes you can construct a frame to work in virtually any room size.


Baseplate (Black) 12.6kg 460mm x 460mm £4

Baseplate (Black) 5.75kg 460mm x 460mm £4

Baseplate (Silver) 7.55kg 450mm x 450mm £4

Cross Bar

Cross Bar (Blue) 3 – 5.5m £4.50

Cross Bar (Yellow) 0.9 – 1.5m £2

Cross Bar (Purple) 1.8 – 3m £3.50

Cross Bar (Orange) 2.1 – 3.66m £3.50


Upright (Orange) 1.9 – 4.2m £7.50

Upright (Purple) 2 – 3.6m £7.50

Upright (Red) 2.1 – 5.18m £7.50