Midas M32R


Price Per Day
The Midas M32R Live is a compact high-end digital mixing console that features a high-contrast 5″ TFT colour display, 17 high-quality Midas PRO motorised faders, and 40 DSP input channels. Its rear panel is packed with no less than 16 XLR and six TRS AUX inputs alongside eight XLR, six TRS AUX, and dedicated TRS monitoring outputs. The M32R Live digital mixer also provides two AES50 ports, an ULTRANET P-16 connection for headphone distribution systems, and an expansion card slot with an integrated 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface. The compact Midas M32R Live makes a convincing case thanks to its internal 40-bit floating point signal processing technology and 8 true stereo effects engines that allow high-quality DSP emulations to be used. This is perfectly complemented by eight DCA and six mute groups, 25 time-aligned, phase-coherent mix buses, and wireless remote control via the M32 MIX iPad app.

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